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Family Fun in the Snow

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Flosty our Beautiful Snowgirl

NO!  This is not a blog about BIG UGLY SNOWGIRL MONSTERS..! . I have simply posted a picture of our …..BEAUTIFUL  snow girl. Since we are a house of girlies, we didn’t want to “just” make a snowman and so, here she is….
Truth be told, we had great fun making her (although she turned out a little homely looking).  If you’d like to have a ball making your own snow girl (or boy), all you have to do is make your regular snow person and add sprayed on food coloring.
We used some spray bottles of body spray that we already  had around the house, emptied them and rinsed them
3. We had a blast spraying her in different colors…and decorating her with a necklace and tiara (of course!).

*note: Yes! I know it looks like our Flosty put her lipstick on in the dark!

********For added fun, we made up our own song to go with her!  Yep!  We are that kinda group!!! LOL